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How to Be a Pro at Couchsurfing to Stay Anywhere for FREE

This was such a fun video for us to make. This is the number one money saver on every single one of our trips BY FAR. Behind the plane ticket, lodging is the most expensive thing that we are subject to face on any trip regardless of location. Now I know a lot of you prefer camping or sleeping in the car and that is all good and well. HOWEVER, I personally find a shower and a bed one of the most satisfying things to have. I take great pride in a great nights sleep and cleanliness so in a bind I will happily camp but I strongly prefer to have a roof over my head most nights. So what we did was interview our 3 hosts that we stayed with on a road trip through Colorado. We wanted 3 questions answered that we saw to be the most beneficial to someone new to the couchsurfing app.... Why couchsurfing, What makes you say yes to someone requesting, and what makes you say no to someone requesting. In my opinion, couchsurfing is one of the most tight knit travel communities out there and I would recommend it to anyone looking to make great connections and find support while traveling.
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